Three Concepts of Psychodynamic

Weston (1998), states that one of the postulates fundamental to contemporary psychodynamic theory is that a large amount of mental existence, involving thoughts, emotions, and motivation, are unconscious. As a result, people are capable of acting in fashions or acquiring symptoms that are incomprehensible to them (Weston, 1998; Erdelyi, 2001). Weston asserts that research not only corroborates the theory that emotional and motivational processes are unconscious and that they are in fact unconscious’ attempts to manage uncertain emotional events; but also gives credence to Freud’s theory of a dynamically unconscious process, which more explicitly, suggests that there is a purpose for keeping some issues unconscious. Similar to defence mechanism (Erdelyi, 2001), through the avoidance of a painful stimulus because of negative reinforcement, people may learn to evade concentrating on specific cognitive or affective processes since it is linked to disgrace, culpability, or unhappiness (Weston, 1998).

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Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering allows scientists to create plants, animals, and other organisms by manipulating their genes in an unnatural manner. Thorough research shows that genetic engineering is a very risky process. While this technique “increases our understanding of nature and can provide new medical tools”, scientists’ understanding of genetics is limited, and they don’t know the [...] Read More »

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is a highly debatable topic in which one may choose to or not to limit the usage of standardized testing. These tests should be removed from all high schools nation wide.

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Quebec and Canada

Ever since the thought of separation from Canada began to form within Quebec, a physical and political tug-o-war has formed between them and the federal government.

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Hip-Hop is Art

Hip-hop music is known to be a value player to violence, drugs, and gangs. Through time people looked down on this music genre as degrading, and mindless sound.

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